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Imperial Limousines Chicago - Nightlife

Chicago is famous for having incredible nightlife and amazing restaurants to tantalize you. This has never been truer when the sun goes down. Imperial Limousines Chicago promises to make your evening stress free and wonderfully enjoyable with premier service and gorgeous cars to ensure your evening out is fabulous.

For your dining pleasure Chicago offers some of the finest food and wines in the world. Experience a Chicago Born and Bred classic at Mortons Steak House, The King of Steakhouses on State Street in the Heart of the City. Well aged steaks, football sized heaped baked potatoes and broccolli with their famous béarnaise sauce.

Spiaggi on Michigan Avenue, means “beach” in Italian, and this restaurant gets it’s name for the spectacular view of Lake Michigan and Oak Street Beach. Widely acknowledged as one of the best Italian Restaurants in Chicago.

Everest located on the 40th Floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange is known for it’s award winning wine list and incredible French cuisine. This internationally recognized restaurant has been on the Food Network.

Frontera Grill on North Clark Street has great artwork and sculptures, and a lively atmosphere. Owner and Reknowned chef Rick Bayless has created Mexican dishes with an authentic flavor that bounces off the plate, for a unique and flavorful experience.

After dinner there are incredible night spots.

The Snuggery on Hubbard Street open until 4am weeknights and 5am on Saturday, features 1, 60” TVs showing all the greatest sports events in Chicago including Blackhawk, Bulls and Bears games.

Great appetizers and drinks.

Studio Paris on Hubbard Street has an indoor/outdoor lounge that serves as a functioning photo studio by day and a nightclub by night. The club features an impressive outdoor lounge with a retractable glass roof that opens to show the Chicago Skyline. European feeling with a 25 ft bar and bottle of French Champagne adorning it.

Excalibur on Dearborn Street is one of the top night clubs in Chicago. It is a party castle, with weekly DJ Nights. The décor gives a medieval yet modern feel and is a great place to throw a party. Lot’s of amazing drink specials.

Pops for Champagne on State Street is a top night club in Chicago, with one of the best jazz clubs in the state and the very best champagne in the country. Offers a sexy, high class experience to those who love live music, dancing and quality champagne.

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